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Programmable microcontroller with embedded Bluetooth

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XEMICS, represented by Electronic Development Sales , has announced a new device based on the unique embedded-host architecture of its EasyBlue family.

This programmable microcontroller with embedded Bluetooth controller makes the development of any Bluetooth application easier.

The creation of the XE1431 was driven by the objective to provide ultra low power and easy to use solutions for Bluetooth audio and data applications.

The core of the XE1431 is the XEMICS Bluetooth controller that is combined with a programmable 8-bit microcontroller with several standard peripherals like GPIOs, a high speed UART, an audio CODEC and a power management unit.

The embedded controller independently executes significant parts of the Bluetooth protocol stack and allows the development of application layer software without the need to validate the protocol stack integrity.

A very low cost external serial Flash memory is used to store the customers’ application layer software. Thanks to this embedded-host architecture, even Bluetooth beginners are able enhance any data and voice application with this communication technology.

The true 1.8V design in combination with the ultra low current consumption, provides one of the lowest power Bluetooth solutions on the market.

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