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ISM-band transceiver combined with RISC microcontroller

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article image Maximised RF power output with minimised system power consumption.

XEMICS, represented in Australia by Electronic Development Sales , has released the TrueRF XE1283, a combination of an ISM-band transceiver and a low-power RISC microcontroller. The combination of high-power transmitter and sensitive receiver means the link budget exceeds 128dB.

Ranges of up to several kilometers can be achieved at low data rates, with an optimised RF layout and without external transmitter PA or receiver LNA, and with minimal power consumption.

Xemics has also released the DP1283 drop-in RF module based on the XE1283 circuit. The compact module (23mm x 33.5mm) is pre-certified to conform to ETSI / FCC regulations and is available in three frequencies.

The XE1283 and DP1283 are intended for low-power sensing networks with an emphasis on battery-powered (down to 2.4V) applications where outstanding battery life can be achieved if full use is made of the controller's power-saving modes. It is suitable for automated meter reading (AMR), home automation and access control as well as voice and data over RF.

The CoolRISC core consumes 1.2mA at 4.9 million instructions per second. Additional power-reducing circuitry includes a BitJockey wireless UART, which buffers transmit and receive data.

The XE1283 transmitter is capable of +15dBm output power and a receive sensitivity down to -113 dBm (at 4.8k bit/s and 0.1% bit error rate). The high-performance transceiver operates in the 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz industrial, scientific and medical bands at data rates from 1.2 kbit/s to 152.3 kbit/s.

The XE1283 includes a Barker encoder (11-bit chip sequence) which offers additional link robustness for low-data rate applications, making it ideal for low data rate, long-range links such as pager car alarms, automotive remote controls and two-way security systems.

The XE1283 and DP1283 support the European Konnex standard (fixed bit rate of 32.7 kbit/s) for wireless Konnex networks or expanding wired networks using RF bridges.

TrueRF technology enables a low-cost external component count while still satisfying ETSI and FCC regulations.

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