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High speed data transmission device

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article image 5 MIPS sustained operation.

XEMICS, represented by Electronic Development Sales, is introducing a faster version of its lowest power SoC for wireless applications.

The XE88LC07A is a faster version of the already efficient XE88LC06A radio machine.

They both exploit the BitJockey to send data over high data rate ISM band transceivers at up to 156kb/s with minimal CPU load.

With its 5 MIPS sustained operation capability, the XE88LC07A core is able to interface to a CODEC, compress/decompress voice while sending/receiving data to/from a transceiver in pseudo full duplex mode.

The BitJockey is to the ISM band transceivers what the UART is to line transceivers: it manages the serial to parallel and parallel to serial conversion, leaving the CPU core free for other tasks.

The embedded 8/22 bits XE88LC07A core with its strict one clock per instruction architecture (for any instruction, any addressing mode, including multiplication) makes it the most efficient RISC MCU with a current requirement of only 300uA per sustained MIPS over the full supply voltage range in programmable version.

The ROM version of the XE88LC07A operates down to 1.2 V.

The XE88LC07A also includes a low-power oscillator and can keep real time information for less than 2uA and it has four low-power comparators that can be enabled for only one extra uA.

The XE88LC07A is pin compatible with the XE88LC06A.

It will be available end Q3/2004.

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