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article image Drop-in RF module designed for wireless communication development.

XEMICS, represented by Electronic Development Sales , has released 868MHz and 915MHz drop-in RF modules.

The modules have been designed to facilitate the development of wireless communication applications and to reduce time to market as they can be soldered directly onto a host board to add RF capabilities.

Using these DP1203 modules, ranges of up to several kilometres may be achieved, through high output power and sensitivity. The 868MHz module is ETSI pre-certified and the 915MHz module is FCC pre-certified. All critical high frequency circuits are in a shielding can for extra protection against shock and EMI.

The antenna is the only eternal component required. The module incorporates an on-board antenna matching circuit, making integration straightforward even for engineers with no previous RF experience.

The DP1203 868MHz and 915MHz modules can be soldered directly onto the main system board like other components. The modules are suitable for automated assembly systems for high volume production, which reducing the cost of manufacture.

The DP1203 offers a high data rate communication up to 152.3kb/s. Offering high output power and receiver sensitivity, the 868MHz radio module is suitable for applications conforming to the European (ETSI EN300-220-1 and EN301 489-3) regulatory standards. The 915MHz module conforms to FCC Part 15 applicable in the United States.

The DP1203 is suitable for complex wireless networks; high speed data rate applications, voice-over-RF, and applications where small size and short time to market are priorities.

With an 18mm x 30mm footprint, the DP1203 module fits in most applications.

Based on Surface Mount Technology (SMT) with components mounted only on one side, this module offers small size and low cost. No additional interface circuitry is required between the drop-in module and the microcontroller.

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