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Platinum reference thermocouples

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article image Capable of short-term intermittent measurements up to 1700°C

ELECTRONIC Development Labs has released a series of platinum reference thermocouples for use from 0°C to 1450°C and for short-term intermittent measurements up to 1700°C.

The thermocouples are designed and built to be used as precision standards. The construction method and materials result in a highly durable and reliable reference sensor.

EDL offers three different sheath materials, a high purity ceramic, Inconel 600 is a high-purity ceramic and quartz sheaths are available in three standard lengths of 254mm, 406mm and 558.8mm long. They are also available in three different diameters as a standard part number. These standard sizes are 4.7498mm, 6.35mm, and 9.525mm.

A specific combination of diameter and length can be chosen to fit a calibration furnace or fixed-point cells. These probes may also be used to verify processing readings in virtually any type of processing equipment from semiconductor wafer fabrication to high-temperature sintering furnaces.

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