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Electromate releases new ironless linear motors

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article image UXX ironless linear motor

Electromate announces the availability of the UXX ironless linear motors from Tecnotion.

The global leader in linear motor technology, Tecnotion specialises in the development and production of linear motors with complete assurance of customer service and product quality.

Considered the most powerful standard ironless motor from the Tecnotion range, the UXX is ideal for heavy duty industrial applications that demand ultra-precision and maximum force output. Linear motors find application in a wide range of production processes, especially in the semiconductor, electronics, LCD, automotive and robotics industries.

Unlike the ironcore motor, the ironless type motors are mainly influenced by the dissimilar magnetic resistance. The resistance is formed by the magnet height, two airgaps plus the coil’s thickness resulting in a relatively high magnetic resistance causing a low magnetic flux. These linear motors are characterised by a moderate peak force density; a low continuous force density; and more heat dissipation compared to the ironcore linear motor.

Since the design is balanced and the coil section contains no magnetic material, the motor has no attraction force at all, and there is absolutely no cogging. The high magnetic resistance keeps the coil’s inductivity relatively low allowing high rates of change for very quick movements and very quick reactions to disturbance forces. These characteristics make the motor very dynamic, achieving very short settling times and high speeds.

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