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High quality electric components supplied by Electromark

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Electromark  is an Australian company which manufactures and supplies high quality electronic components. Some of the electronic components supplied by Electromark include DC power supplies, transformers, UPS systems, power conditioning systems, surge suppression units and so on. Electromark provides a range of DC power supplies which include linear regulated, low power linear, unregulated single phase, unregulated three phase, switch mode, DC/DC converters and so on.

The D.C. linear regulated power supply supplied by Electromark is provided in single or dual output configurations and in fixed voltage which ranges from 5 volts to 48 volts. The power supply incorporates a toriodal transformer which provides a low weight and small size. The D.C. linear regulated power supply provides low external field and eliminates the hum sound produced by transformers.

Under unregulated three phase DC power supplies, Electromark provides three models which include model 2962, 2987 and 4130. The 2962 range of power supplies are three phase input unregulated power supplies which can be intended for the process control industry. The 2962 range is housed in a rugged steel case with flanges for gear plate mounting. The output from 2962 range is provided through a plug and socket which is fixed at the bottom of the power supply.

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