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High Performance Electro-Chemicals from Electrolube

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Electrolube  is an established manufacturer of high performance electro-chemicals for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries, including the non-VOC (NVOC) conformal coating range.

Electrolube’s NVOC conformal coatings offer a range of environmental benefits while still being able to protect, adhere to a wide variety of substrates, and resist mould growth.  

These conformal coatings, which include a high viscosity gel and aerosol version, also offer greater coverage, less wastage, as well as zero solvent emissions upon cure, and expensive curing equipment is not required.

Electrolube also offers an ultra-low viscosity, flame retardant epoxy resin, ER2218. This epoxy resin meets the highest level of flame retardancy and adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, whilst exhibiting excellent resistance to water and a number of different chemicals ensuring superior protection in a range of environments.

Also available from Electrolube, Safewash cleaning products are effective water-based cleaners and offer superior cleaning with the advantage of non-flammability, low odour, non-VOC and low toxicity characteristics.  

Designed for the removal of a wide range of residues and contaminants from printed circuit boards, these high-performance electro-chemicals can be used with all types of application methods including dishwasher, in-line pressure systems, ultrasonic systems and spray under immersion systems.  

The product is also used for the removal of solder pastes and adhesives from screens, stencils, PCBs and related accessories.

Electrolube Australia also imports the Hakko soldering range of products for Australia and New Zealand regions including the FA400 smoke absorbers and FX888 soldering stations.

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