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Electrolube’s Safewash Gets Approval from the MOD and Aerospace Industries

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Electrolube Australasia  is a major manufacturer of electro-chemicals for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries.

The company has received approval for its Safewash Super (SWAS) cleaning solution after extensive testing was undertaken by SAE International, The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility Land Sea Air and Space, and the British Ministry of Defence. 

SWAS cleaning solutions were specifically formulated for use in batch cleaning systems that used ultrasonic or spray under immersion as a replacement for harsh cleaning solvents.   

Their enhanced performance cleans extremely difficult-to-remove residues from no-clean fluxes and exceeds military cleanliness standards.  

SAE Aerospace tested SWAS to their specifications with the products conforming to a number of applications. These included total immersion corrosion, effect on transparent plastics as well as painted and unpainted surfaces and the product’s flash point, ensuring that SWAS can be used on both the interior and exterior surfaces of aircrafts.  

The Safewash range of cleaning solutions consists of water-based, non-flammable, 100% ozone-friendly biodegradable solvent blends designed to clean and remove leaded, lead-free and no-clean flux residues from printed circuit boards as well as remove solder pastes and adhesives from screens, stencils and related accessories.  

The British MOD also tested SWAS on various fluxes and results show that SWAS meets defence standards. The testing concluded that ‘the residual contamination found on the circuit boards and components after cleaning with Safewash Super is significantly below the limit value of 1.56mg NaCI/cm² permitted by MIL-P28809A’.  

The Safewash range performed well under extreme testing by many equipment manufacturers, reaching the high levels required by the military in ultrasonic, spray under immersion, dishwasher and jig cleaning equipment.  

SWAS has proved to be a superior cleaning product performing to military and commercial standards with little financial and environmental cost.

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