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Electrolube Launches a New Silicone Resin in the Australian Market

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article image Electrolube's Silicone Resin for Australia's Electronics Industry

Electrolube Australasia , the leading electro-chemical manufacturer has added a new silicone resin to its encapsulation resins range.  

This innovative product, SC3001 will add to an already impressive portfolio and will be on display at Electronex electronics design and assembly expo in Sydney, Australia on 8 – 9 September, 2010.  

Currently only available in Australia and China, the new silicone resin is a two-part encapsulation compound that has been designed to be optically clear and flexible, making it ideal for the LED industry where optical clarity is vital.  

SC3001 silicone resins feature a number of benefits over competitors including low viscosity as well as excellent electrical properties and flexibility.  

It also exhibits excellent resistance to water and a wide variety of chemicals, providing the highest protection in a range of environments.  

The product is flame-retardant and remains flexible over an exceptionally wide temperature range of -60ºC to +200ºC. It is also RoHS compliant and particularly suited to applications where thin films are required.  

Automatic mixing equipment is also available for bulk mixing applications, wherein both the resin and hardener will be mixed accurately in the correct ratio without introducing air.  

Electrolube’s extensive portfolio of products includes contact lubricants, cleaning solutions, conformal coatings, thermally conductive materials, resins as well as service and maintenance aids. 

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