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Towing units available from Electrodrive

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In today’s modern work environment it is critical for hospitals and industry to reduce workplace injuries. This has been highlighted by the introduction of Occupational Heath and Safety guidelines.

Electrodrive  offers a wide range of innovative equipment for workplaces. Electrodrive equipment provides electric battery powered assistance to the task of pushing and pulling heavy beds and trolleys and thus reduces the incidence of back strain and other injuries.

This environment of an increased safety focus coupled with an aging workforce has heightened people’s awareness of the value that can be provided by the products provided by Electrodrive.

A wide range of battery powered pedestrian operated products are designed to take the effort out of pushing and pulling trolleys or beds. These units are specifically designed by Electrodrive to satisfy the growing need for Occupational Health and Safety equipment as awareness of the problems increases and the working population ages and become less physically able.

The need for tugs for towing trolleys, powered trolleys for moving stores and I.V. fluids and Gzunda bed movers, both in Australia and overseas, has been identified by a diverse range of manufacturing and service industries.

Customers include high quality pharmaceutical and food processing plants, hospitals and all segments of the hospitality industry. Any organisation involved in manual movement of food, linen, or other product using trolleys or racks can benefit from the introduction of Electrodrive towing units.

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