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Healthcare and industrial products from Electrodrive

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Electrodrive  is an Australian company manufacturing battery operated, manual handling industrial and healthcare solutions. The manual handling solutions like industrial towing tugs, trolleys, hospital bed movers attach to user's equipments while the battery operated products can be operated within enclosed areas, they do not emit fumes nor require a license. These devices save effort for the users while moving heavy loads and objects.

Following are the battery operated healthcare products from Electrodrive. The Gzunda is a towing unit to move heavy beds and trolleys. Made of 304 stainless steel, it also has a programmable controller, geared motor, electromagnetic braking, sealed gel batteries. With similar features, the power trolley is a mobile unit used for handling heavy loads. Customized tops are available for the power trolley to suit individual needs.

The Tulget is a towing unit with 500kg capacity. It has an Australian made DC gear with a capacity to handle heavy loads. Non marking tyres are used to aid indoor use. The waste bin system from Electrodrive is ideally suited for large facilities. Some of its features include an Electrodrive tug, waste bin mover, safety horn, backing light and a backoff button. This product is weather proof and also has customized movers.

In the Industrial product catalog, apart from power trolley, tuglet and waste bin system the tug classic is also offered by Electrodrive to move a variety of heavy trolleys especially in small places. From one to five tonne, a variety of capacities in tug classic is available.

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