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Electrodrive tugs deliver engineered solution to move airline catering food carts

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article image Electrodrive’s Tug Classic has helped reduce lost time injuries and increase productivity for the airline caterer

Electrodrive  tugs are being used by a large-scale airline catering business to move catering food carts efficiently, smoothly and safely from their kitchens to the loading trucks.

This major airline caterer meets 275,000 departures a year from their seven catering and food production centres across Australia, equivalent to moving 35,000 meals per day.

The food carts were being moved manually, which involved high manual handling risks, worker fatigue and overall productivity inefficiencies. Electrodrive’s Tug Classic was commissioned to streamline their large-scale catering requirement, improving safety and productivity efficiency in their supply chain.

Following the implementation of the tugs, the caterer has been able to eliminate manual handling, and streamline the movement of the food carts over long distances while ensuring the safety of their employees and protecting the assets of their customers.

Key benefits for the airline caterer from the incorporation of Electrodrive’s Tug Classic include 65% reduction in lost time injuries and ability to move four times the food carts they previously were able to handle in the same amount of time.

Key features of Electrodrive’s Tug Classic:  

  • 1, 2 and 3.5 tonne capacity models
  • Moves heavy trolleys and wheel objects safely and efficiently
  • Quiet, smooth operation with zero emissions
  • Easy attachment to trolleys, manual or automated hitches
  • Simple to use, no driver’s licence required
  • Reduces manual handling, and eliminates heavy lifting and pushing
  • Increases efficiency in process automation
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Reduction in lost time injuries

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