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Advantage voice logging recorder from Electrodata

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Electrodata  specialises in the design and manufacture of mutli-channel voice logging recorders. Electrodata was established in 1970 and referred to as ‘Voice Recording Specialists’. Electrodata provides diverse range of voice logging recorders including Advantage, Assurance, Quiklog and Experience voice logging recorders.

Advantage voice logging recorder provided by Electrodata is the ideal call recording solution that has been specifically designed for critical environments. These recorders can be used for recording from four channels even to hundred channels and suitable for areas such as call centres, finance dealing rooms and many other areas. This voice recorder can withstand extreme situations of call loading as well as LAN overload.

Advantage voice logging recorders provided by Electrodata incorporates Microsoft operating system and can be supplied on different server hardware. Hardware options present in the Advantage recorder include Electrodata’s Classic for 48 simultaneous inputs, Premium for 144 inputs as well as Ultimate for about 240 channels. Other hardware options provided by Electrodata include dual hot-swap hard disks available in RAID1 configuration as well as dual hot swap power supplies. This voice recorder provides security to the user.

Advantage voice logging recorder provided by Electrodata has the capability of interconnecting to the analogue as well as digital telephone lines and two way radio systems.

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