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ElectroTECHnik releases CableCALC 3.1 Pro electrical software designed to comply with the requirements of the latest Australian Standards. This electrical software is use by electricians, and designed  to make performing electrical calculations simplified.

Cable size calculations for the  CableCALC 3.1 Pro electrical software include:

  • The electrical software enables the user to perform fast and accurate electrical calculations in full compliance with Australian Standards
  • The user of this electrical software is able to specify new cable sizes or check existing installations that are compliant with Australian Standards
  • The CableCAL 3.1 electrical software enables the user to save results to file and print reports with data and references from the Standards including: Active, Neutral and Earthing cable size requirements (automatically or user-specified) Current-carrying (and spare) capacity and Operating temperature
  • Voltage drops (V and %) Maximum length of run (m) Circuit impedance Prospective fault current Earth fault loop impedance actual (Zin)
  • Max. allowed (Zs) and Circuit breaker/Fuse sizing and trip current settings Derating factors
Features and benefits of the CableCALC 3.1 Pro electrical software include the fact that this electrical software is fully compliant with AS 3008.1.1:1998 and Wiring Rules AS 3000:2007, using the Derating Wizard to apply derating factors according to installation conditions. Safety by complying with earth fault loop impedance requirements as per Appendix B of AS3000:2007 Calculate most economical (and compliant) cable sizes based on:
  • Min. current-carrying capacity
  • Voltage drop requirements
  • Earth fault loop impedance compliance
  • CableCALC 3.1 Pro electrical software  allows the user to specify their own cable sizes from 1mm2 to 630mm2 Save results to File (.cbl) and print Reports with data from and references to the Standards Develop cable schedules Warning System - stops the user from making errors

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