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Safety critical real time operating system

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INTEGRITY-178B is an ARINC-653-compliant subset of the Integrity real-time operating system, optimised for safety-critical applications containing multiple programs with different safety levels, all executing on a single processor.

Integrity-178B utilises a number of hardware and software mechanisms in order to implement a securely partitioned architecture that ensures time/space protection and prevents errant and malicious tasks from corrupting user data, the kernel, interprocess communications, device drivers and other user tasks.

It also enhances reliability and security by guaranteeing deterministic access to both the CPU and memory for critical tasks.

Integrity-178B is available with a SPARK-compliant, minimal Ada run-time system known as GMART (Green Hills Minimal Ada Run Time) or with a Ravanscar-compliant Ada run-time system known as GSTART (Green Hills Safe-Tasking Ada Run Time).

Operating in a secure partition under Integrity-178B, GMART is optimised for safety-critical, single-threaded applications, while GSTART is optimised for safety-critical applications that require Ada tasking support.

It comes with a complete DO-178B certification package, including detailed documentation of kernel calls to the source line, and complete coverage analysis data for the kernel.

Integrity-178B is tightly integrated with the AdaMULTI IDE, which, together with Green Hills Software's family of C/C++ and Ada 95 optimising compilers, automates all aspects of embedded PowerPC software development.

AdaMULTI features an Integrity-aware source-level debugger, graphical program builder, run-time error checker, version control system, and performance profiler.

AdaMULTI also features an Integrity-178B simulator (ISIM) that enables programmers to develop and test their code on a PC or workstation without the need for target hardware.

The heart of AdaMULTI is its source-level debugger, which enables programmers to simultaneously debug multiple Integrity-178B tasks across multiple address spaces, whether those tasks reside on a single processor, or are distributed across multiple processors.

Through AdaMULTI, programmers can set process-specific and address-space-wide breakpoints, and monitor/record I/O and interprocess communications.

They can also perform execution profiling at the process, address space, or system level to precisely pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

Integrity-178B's graphical Resource Analyser enhances the debug process by increasing visibility into applications and the kernel as they execute on the target system.

The Resource Analyser displays CPU execution at the task and address space level, stack usage for tasks, and memory use for address spaces.

Integrity-178B's real-time EventAnalyser further enhances real-time visibility by enabling programmers to log and monitor system and application events in real time without disrupting program execution.

Operating like a high-level logic analyser, the EventAnalyser displays all Integrity-178B context switches, API calls, and interrupts in a time-relative manner using intuitive ICONs. Electro Optics 02 9654 1873.

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