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Tag-it ISO/IEC 15693 RFID expanded

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TEXAS Instruments Incorporated (TI) has broadened its line of Tag-it transponders with new memory, data protection and form-factor options.

Available from Electro-Com (Australia) Pty Ltd and offered in both 256 bit and 2,048 bit memory options, the expanded Tag-it HF-I line introduces new tracking and authentication capabilities that provide system integrators and application providers the flexibility to build a host of data protection and privacy functionality options into their RFID solutions.

The new Tag-it HF-I platform now delivers the only password protected write functionality for ISO/IEC 15693 compliant products in the market.

It allows RFID application developers the flexibility to choose the optimum memory and level of security - from a factory-locked unique ID, to user-programmed password lock with decommissioning or kill functionality, to the combination of RFID with Public-key-Infrastructure (PKI).

Markets for this ISO/IEC standard solution include high-value product and asset tracking visibility, pharmaceutical supply chain authentication, library management, event and venue ticketing, and laundry and textile rental tracking.

The Tag-it HF-I Standard and HF-I Pro products, with 256 bit user memory and Tag-it HF-I Plus and HF-I RxID products with 2,048 bit memory, are available in chip and inlay options in a range of antenna configurations for integration with paper, PVC and other substrates.

The hallmark of this new Tag-it HF-I platform, with multiple memory options and the ability to segment data on the tag in up to eight discreet data blocks, is that system engineers can design various levels of security and functionality into their applications, with a minimum of software or firmware development.

For example, in asset tracking applications, a company can have one portion of the tag memory programmed with a factory-locked number (for example, a manufacturer's ID code), while some of the other data sections can be freely used to record status, maintenance, or location updates over the life of an asset.

Additional security can be imposed with a password that allows data updates only by authorised parties. In other applications, such as event or transit ticketing where credits are deducted, payment and use information can be securely and accurately updated on the tag.

For consumer product authentication applications with privacy requirements, sections of the tag containing product information can be decommissioned prior to the purchase or the transponder functionality can be completely disabled using a special command.

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