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TI-RFid line of 13.56 MHz from Electro-Com

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TI-RFid line of 13.56 MHz vicinity access cards and reader series brings a new alternative to the access control products currently on the market.

TI-RFid - Truly open architecture Access Control readers and cards from Texas Instruments

The only open architecture truly ISO 15693 compliant access control readers
Readers come with RS485 interface, which allows for remote monitoring and firmware upgrades.
Superior to traditional prox cards
Increased security, unique codes and DES encryption
Faster read range.
Anti-collision for multi-card read
Read/write memory for smart-card applications
All-in-one read/write/programmer

Electro-Com’s TI-RFID 13.56 MHz
Security and access control providers are embracing TI-Rfid’s emergence into the access control marketplace. A growing number of companies are incorporating TI-RFid into a range of perimeter and building security systems, as well as vehicle and parking access applications.

Electro-Com’s access control hardware can be incorporated into existing or new systems, and is the only hardware that truly supports ISO 15693 open architecture applications. You will find that other leading 13.56 MHz readers and cards still operate a proprietary 13.56 MHz reader and card system, and are not fully ISO 15693 compliant. This means that the end user is locked into purchasing readers and cards from the one manufacturer.

Transponders can be mounted on automobile windshields, contained in employee badges, or carried on key rings. No need to open a door or window to obtain authorisation. Readers are mounted inside walls at doorways and outdoors, alongside entranceways to parking garages and parking lots.

With security concerns rising in the government and business sectors, car park security has been thrust to the top of the priority list with many site security managers. Through the use of TI-Rfid technology, security managers can accurately monitor car park traffic, occupancy times, and even specific vehicle information. RFID allows for an error-free, fast read, non-duplicatable alternative to the traditional means of site security.

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