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Range of RFID tags and readers available from Electro-Com

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Balogh has been designing and manufacturing contactless identification systems for all environments since 1958.

Balogh’s palette of solutions covers a wide range of RFID tags, readers and interfaces, targeting the following applications; industrial automation and asset tracking, security, transportation, railway, industrial logistics and the supply chain.

Balogh RFID product line consists of a wide range of RFID tags, transceiver’s (with antennas) and control interfaces adapted to a large number of applications.

  • Industrial automation: Identification and tracking of industrial processes
  • Logistics: Industrial logistics and tracking through supply chains
    Transportation: Fleet management, vehicle ID, vehicle access
  • Railways: ID and management of subways, passenger trains etc
  • Security: Intelligent access control and asset/theft management

Features of RFID for railway applications:

  • On board Automatic Sound and Visual Announcements (ASVA)
  • On line train position (ten centimetres precision instead of ten meters with GPS, using both solutions together is an economic solution
  • Automatic continuous control of train’s speed with automatic urgent braking
  • Depot or yard management (part of operating system)
  • Detection at crossings
  • Detection of passage
  • Train configuration: Automatic adjustment of washing facilities according to gauge and length of trains, automatic flow adjustment at depot’s petrol station
  • Control of correct vehicle position before being authorised to open the doors (platform screen doors, assistance equipment for disabled access)
  • Adjustment’s of vehicle’s step height according quay’s height
  • Coaches / wagons identification (AVI Automatic Vehicle Identification)
  • On board Contactless readable technical history (asset management)
  • Continuous knowledge of wagons position; train composition management
  • Immediate identification of a coach at hot box detector’s passage
  • Immediate identification of overweight / incorrectly loaded wagons near railway scales

The RFID tags, readers and interfaces are available from Electro-Com.

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