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Texas Instruments (TI) has released a new Radio Frequency Identification (RFid) system, available from Electro-Com .

It is an integrated facilities and asset management solution that uses RFID smart labels to allow organisations to more efficiently manage inventory. Users can track equipment, prevent theft, and cost effectively manage their assets throughout their organisation. The system is based on TI's 13.56 MHz, ISO 15693 standard tag-it smart labels and S6500 long range reader/antennas in conjunction with Emerging Foundations' web-based logistical tracking system software suite.

The system can track items such as confidential documents, laptops, containers of hazardous material, and valuables which are tagged with a TI-RFid 13.56 MHz smart label. When moved within three feet of a TI S6500 Long Range Reader, which can be mounted at a doorway or entrance, the smart label is automatically identified and logged with its unique identification number and timestamp. Data from the tagged assets is transferred to the tracking software. The software can track and report on assets, personnel, projects, and activities. It can provide asset reports by location, room, and facility. The application uses geographic information systems for improved accuracy and visualisation. It produces an audit trail of the locations and times assets were moved throughout a facility. It also produces a room equipment report showing where all tagged assets are located within the facility.

Applications include public organisations, government departments, and universities that must comply with audit requirements. Private companies and military users can use the system to track high-value electronic equipment. Healthcare facilities can track pharmaceuticals and equipment. Facilities handling hazardous waste can use the system to meet environmental and traceability regulations.

An RFID manager application software suite simplifies configuration and management of the data and tagged items.

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