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AXCESS ActiveTag systems available from Electro-Com

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Automatic Identification products from AXCESS Inc. offer network-based resource management tools designed to leverage the enterprise LAN to identify, locate and track your mission-critical people and assets right from the desktop.

From protecting office computers to monitoring personnel and inventory movements, these products now bring total visibility to your business operations.

Based on its patented RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) line, ActiveTag, AXCESS Inc. provides a single-system approach to a variety of automatic monitoring and tracking applications, including:

  • Asset management
  • Personnel and vehicle access control
  • Personnel monitoring
  • Production and process control
  • Inventory tracking

The ActiveTag system uses small, battery powered tags that, when automatically activated at control points throughout a facility, broadcast non-line-of-sight to palm size receivers networked on the existing corporate LAN/WAN, VPN or internet over IP.

Unlike other wireless identification and location systems, ActiveTag's unique dual-frequency operation and advanced capabilities allow tags to be activated and tracked in a variety of useful ways to support multiple business initiatives.

Tags awakened by low cost activators transmit not only their unique identification code, but location and status information as well.

Tag signals are picked up by network receivers up to 100 feet away, thus allowing a single receiver to collect tag data from a number of activation points.

This flexible control point architecture allows users to automatically activate tags at specific locations within the facility to support "proximity" applications, such as access control and perimetre control.

These read points can also be grouped into control zones to locate an asset or person within a specific zone, as well as monitor movement between zones.

The ActiveTag receiver network also collects information from tags activated by other means, such as removal of an asset tag with tamper detection or a personnel tag with a built in distress call or panic button.

These tags intermittently transmit alarm signals on a continuous basis, allowing security personnel to locate and monitor the incident as the tag moves through the coverage area.

Omni-directional network transceivers, capable of two-way tag communication, support wide area polling and tag activation, enabling both static and dynamic tracking of tagged asset and inventory, as well as employee notification and location determination.

Tag identification and location information is instantly forwarded over the network to a host computer running AXCESS' ActiveTrac software to provide real-time management solutions via powerful reporting, display, and decision and control functions.

Alert signals can also be tied into existing alarm, access control and surveillance systems.

The ActiveTag system, combined with AXCESS' ActiveTrac software, leverages the corporate LAN to provide today's e-managers with valuable tools for improving productivity, physical security, life safety, inventory visibility and ERP-based order fulfilment.

Linked assets and people can be tracked and located within close proximity, thus providing an automatic, non-invasive asset protection solution while enabling freedom of movement.

Electro-Com are the knowledge leaders in RFID technology and its' developments.

Unlike some of its competitors, its RFID engineers have had over 15 years experience in the RFID industry and have worked for Texas Instruments for over 10 years.

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