Electrical Inspections Victoria

Electrical safety inspections and compliance.


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27/03/08 - Electrical Inspections Victoria offers assistance with respect to technical calculations. The technical calculation assistance offered by Electrical Inspections Victoria include the demand calculation, fault current calculation, volt drop calculation
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26/03/08 - Electrical Inspections Victoria offers inspection services for all kinds of inspection work. Electrical Inspections Victoria offers electrical installation services for main earthing systems, consumer mains, consumer terminal connection devices and o
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25/03/08 - Electrical Inspections Victoria is engaged in providing a wide range of electrical inspecting and consultancy services. The electrical inspecting and consultancy services are offered by Electrical Inspections Victoria to cater to the needs of electri

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Electrical Inspections Victoria (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 367
VIC 3140
Tel: 03 9739 4216
Fax: 03 9739 4217

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