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Specialty transformer fluids and transformer components supplied by Electrical Australia

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Electrical Australia  offers electric power solutions to the clients. This includes distribution system reliability, power quality, distribution automation, distributed generation, environmental responsibility and more. Electrical Australia provides cost effective solutions for various distribution system reliability and distributed generation needs. The products manufactured by Cooper Power Systems are distributed by Electrical Australia are marketed under the McGraw-Edison, Kyle, UltraSIL, RTE, Kearney, Edison, Combined Technologies and NOVA brand names.

The products also single-phase and three-phase overhead transformers, pad-mounted transformers, fuses, arresters, cable accessories, air break disconnect switches, switches, fault interrupters, transformer components, power capacitors, entrance / terminating equipment, fault indicators, protective relays, tools and grounding equipment, power systems analysis software and specialty transformer fluids. Cooper Power Systems has more than 85 years of experience in providing expert support in electric power field.

Some of the services of Cooper Power Systems made available by Electrical Australia are consulting services, maintenance services, authorized service centres, systems integration, switchgear support group, parts wanted inquiry, warranty service request and more. Cooper Power Systems has advanced the state-of-the-art in integrating control and protection and gained this expertise with Edison® Idea™ relay platform. Cooper Power Systems also offers Cybectec SMP Gateway family of products.

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