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Electric power solutions offered by Electrical Australia

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Electrical Australia  is one of the leading suppliers of electric power solutions to the clients. Electrical Australia offer electric power products and services manufactured by some of the leading brands like Cooper Power Systems, which engineers medium and high voltage electrical components, equipment and systems. Cooper Power Systems delivers reliable electric power to industries, businesses, homes and institutions worldwide. The products provided by Electrical Australia include Cannon Technologies and Cybectec Inc. offerings through Energy Automation Solutions group of Cooper Power Systems.

Cooper Power Systems is also one of the leading providers of software, communications and integration solutions that help in improving system reliability. The products manufactured by Cooper Power Systems are distributed by Electrical Australia, which are used for commercial, industrial and public power generation systems. Cooper Power Systems also support clients in planning, commissioning and developing of power distribution solutions.

Additionally, products and services from Cooper Power Systems are offered by Electrical Australia include outage management, power quality, distribution system reliability, distribution automation, environmental and distributed generation products and services. Cooper Power Systems is committed to develop solutions for reliable, safe and environmental friendly electrical power delivery.

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