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Variable speed drivers, Onga pumps from Electric Motor & Transmission

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Electric Motor & Transmission  offer a wide range of variable speed drivers such as Control Techniques, ABB, Delta, Baldor, SEW Eurodrive. Onga offers various kinds of pumps for industry, horticulture, agriculture or domestic. Onga also manufactures variety of pool, spa industrial and agricultural pumping and filtration equipments. Onga pumps from Electric Motor & Transmission offers wide range of products in terms of sewerage, filtration and water treatment, water transfer, grey water applications, dewatering, and commercial pool equipment.

Electric Motor & Transmission offers Onga pumps for agricultural use for Aquaculture, farm water transfer, sump and drainage, irrigation, groundwater (borehole) applications and general water transfer. Electric Motor & Transmission in addition offers Onga pumps for residential use like household filtration and water treatment, home and garden, spa bath products, spa pool products and swimming pool equipment. The electromagnetic brakes and clutches from Electric Motor & Transmission includes fail safe braking operation, high switching frequency, long wearing brake disc lining, manual hand release, no irritating brake noise and adjustable braking torque.

Electric Motor & Transmission offers rewind as well as repair services in terms of AC and DC motors, Brakes and Coils, Transformers, Schrage motors, Generators & Alternators. Electric Motor & Transmission offers complete repair, rewind, redesign and mechanical modification services. Electric Motor & Transmission also offers both in-house as well as on-site services with reference to dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, mechanical overhauls and repairs, preventative maintenance programs, on-site pump overhauls, machining and fabrication of special shafts or mounting arrangements.

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