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Single phase standard motors, available from Electric Motor & Transmission , are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with IEC, International and Australian standards. These standard motors are Continuous Duty Rated (S1), based upon maximum ambient of 40 deg C and altitudes below 1000 metres. Motors may need to be de-rated for higher ambient, higher altitude or higher duty ratings.

The standard motor stator frames and end shields are manufactured from high-pressure die cast aluminium alloy, providing good mechanical strength, low weight and good surface strength. The mounting feet for the motor are an integral part of the frame casting, therefore providing high strength particularly with applications where shock loads or vibration is present. Flanged end shields are a one-piece design that are internally strengthened to support the full motor weight in any horizontal or vertical mounting position.

The motor’s rotor windings and end rings are one-piece die cast aluminium with cooling fins to provide internal air movement. Shafts for the motor are made from high quality carbon steel. All drive shafts are drilled and tapped as standard. All shaft keyways are ‘captive’. All rotors are dynamically balanced and conform to limits of vibration severity as specified in relevant IEC and AS standards.

As standard, motors are fitted with high quality ‘sealed for life’ type deep groove ball bearings. Bearing seals are made of full contact synthetic rubber, enhancing the protection against the ingress of dust and fluids into the bearings.

Standard bearings are lubricated with a lithium-based grease suitable for operation within an ambient temperature range of -20 deg C to +55 deg C. Bearings are preloaded with a wave washer, which increases the bearing life and reduces the bearing noise. The life of bearings is dependent on various factors such as bearing load, motor speed, operating temperature and the purity of grease. Special bearing arrangements can be provided for high or low ambient temperature applications or high thrust or centrifugal loads.

Cooling Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC - IC0141) with external frame cooling fins help to assist with heat dissipation. Cooling fans are one-piece fibre-reinforced polypropylene. Fans are keyed to the shaft with a machined flat and circlip to prevent movement. All fans are bi-directional. Fan covers are made from rigid pressed steel.

Degree of protection for all motors is IP55 as standard. All motors are fitted with a double lip oil seal at each end to enhance protection of the bearings against the ingress of dust, water, oils and other contaminants. All flanged motors are suitable as standard, for fitment to a wet mount gearbox. Modifications to higher IP ratings can be provided upon request.

The design of the standard single phase motor is such that it can be operated in all horizontal or vertical mounting positions. The motor is available in B3 foot mounted, B5 flange mounted or B14A face mounted configurations.

The motor terminal box is a 2 piece rigid fibre reinforced PVC, which can be rotated to provide cable entry from 4 directions. The terminal box includes a moulded cable gland entry as standard. All capacitors are fully enclosed within the terminal box, therefore providing protection against dust, water, oils and mechanical damage.

Various options available include:

  • Higher degree of protection (IP rating)
  • Windings for special voltages or frequencies
  • Class ‘H’ insulation
  • Non-standard flange mounting arrangements
  • Special shafts and double shafts
  • Thermistors and Anti-Condensation heaters
  • Auxiliary terminal boxes
  • Rain hoods for shaft down application
  • Special paint systems required for food industry and wash down applications
  • Multi speed windings
  • Brake motors and geared motors

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