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Lantronix SpiderDuo KVM-over-IP solution from Elecom Electronics Supply

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article image Lantronix SpiderDuo KVM-over-IP device
The Lantronix IPv6-certified SpiderDuo KVM-over-IP solution is a compact device that provides secure real-time control of GUI-based computers, servers and other equipment from a remote location via the internet.
Providing complete flexibility for real-world applications, SpiderDuo’s network connection allows users to control a computer remotely, while a local port enables the computer to be jointly viewed and controlled with a local keyboard, video and mouse (KYM).
SpiderDuo’s dual capability is ideal for point-of-sale, kiosk, ATM, campus or other environments where the device is in active local use, but maintained by remotely-located IT staff. The remote management capabilities of the solution reduce the need to depute technicians to physically maintain the equipment.
An optional power control unit (PCU) is available for the SpiderDuo, providing the ability to remotely control the power to the attached PC, server or any other device.
The platform independent, browser-driven solution can be accessed from any Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac or other operating system, provided that a Java-enabled web browser is available.
Key features of SpiderDuo KVM-over-IP device: 

  • Requires no special software to operate and allows full BIOS level control of the host system
  • Virtual media support allows remote user’s USB thumb drive and CD-ROM to be shared with the server
  • Supports up to 8 remote users simultaneously in good speed
  • Allows software reset and hardware reset of attached PC
  • 1 serial port provided for Telnet/SSH to target computer
  • SSL 128-Bit RSA Public and Private Key Encryption
  • High resolution video supported 1600x1200 @ 60Hz
  • Cost effective, lightweight <300g, single port KVM solution
  • PS/2 and USB version available
The SpiderDuo is available from Elecom Electronics Supply , the ANZ local wireless and communications devices supplier.

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