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Cable testing made easy

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CABLE Tracker is a cable tester designed to simplify cable installation and maintenance. Available from Elecdata Australia , the kit includes the master unit, a cable-mapping device for cable mapping tests and 12 remote locators to easily trace different locations.

You can plug all 12 different remote locators to the patch panel and easily trace different locations by yourself.

The master unit features an easy to read LCD screen to display wiring information which enables you to check any open, short or cross over between end to end connections.

Features include:

* Portable handheld size convenient for job sites.

* LCD display screen easy to read.

* Cable mapping and remote locator in one.

* Test up to 500 feet of any level cables.

* Kit includes 12 remote locators to trace up to 12 remote locations at one time.

* Battery low warning.

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