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Pest control solutions provided by Elders Post Control

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Elders Pest Control  offers residential, commercial and construction clients with apt pest control solutions. Elders Pest Control supplies termite barriers during construction procedures that help in preventing termite infestation into a property. Elders Post Control provides Granitgard, which is a non-toxic and graded stone termite barrier that complies with Australian Standards. Elders Post Control also offers Alterm (a marine grade aluminium termite barrier) and Termguard (a long-term termite management and damage prevention systems).

General Pest Control measures like PestPLUS™ are provided by Elders Post Control to residential clients for common household pests like spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs and more. Elders Termite Baiting Program™ from Elders Post Control is an effective prevention program to prevent spaces from potential termite damage. Elders Post Control also uses Elders Advanced K9 Inspection methods. Elders Pest Control provides and employs Elders Termite Protection Plan™ and Elders Commercial Guarantee™ plans.

The service delivery of Elders Post Control is continually reviewed and benchmarked against ISO 9001:2000. Elders Post Control also has trained Bed Bug Detection Dogs to even detect the presence of a single bed bug. Elders Post Control is a member of the Mosquito Control Association of Australia. Elders Post Control offers premium quality service to develop Integrated Pest Management solution.

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