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Video switchers and multiplexers from Elbex Access & Security

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Elbex Access & Security  offers different types of electronic equipment that include video switchers and multiplexers. EXS40 video switchers comprise of four basic channels, two outputs, sequential switcher in conjunction with VCR. This cost effective video switcher is available either as rack mounted or desktop channel switcher. These video switchers also consist of playback selector key suitable for playback recall. Different inputs of this video switcher are 75 Ohm terminated.

EXS41 video switchers offered by Elbex Access & Security possess video input of about four channels and video output signal ranging to about 1.0Vp. This video switcher consumes power of 10 watts and operable in temperature conditions ranging from zero degree centigrade to about 50 degree centigrade. EXS48B video switcher provided by Elbex Access & Security is an auto homing framelock switcher that consists of four channels in conjunction with sequential outputs. Different features of this video switcher include playback selector keys, framelock switcher and auto homing feature.

EXZ9308 multiplexer from Elbex Access & Security is an affordable duplex frame switcher with the capability of playing back as well as monitoring recorded signals. This multiplexer can also generate and propagate serial video signals and comprises of features such as intelligent alarm processing, text displays and camera signals.

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