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Polyurethane wheels from Elastomers Queensland

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Elastomers Queensland which is established in the year 1979, manufactures polyurethane wheels, rollers, rod, sheet, tube, linings and mouldings. Elastomers Queensland manufactures polyurethane products from 20A – 80D. Elastomers Queensland supplies its products to a wide range of industries including mining, agriculture, engineering and marine industries which have polyurethane needs.

Elastomers Queensland offers polyether which is used for parts undergoing dynamic stress. Elastomers Queensland offers polyurethane elastomers which resist cracking under repeated flexing. Elastomers Queensland offers polyurethanes which are abrasion resistance. Polyurethanes from Elastomers Queensland have high tensile strength, high elongation and high modulus. Polymers from Elastomers Queensland are said to possess greater resistance to gamma radiation and are resistant to grease, chemical and oil.

Elastomers Queensland offers all mining applications including lining of chutes; wheel and castor remounting; suspension Bushes; Truck Parts; Nylon Bushes, Wheels and Rollers; Coupling Rubbers, Scrapers & Wear Strips; conveyor rolls; gaskets and seals; coupling and Engine Mounts for Automotive Marine and Industrial Applications and elevator wheels. Elastomers Queensland also offers engineering components such as Gears, sprockets, wire guides, couplings, sound deadening, anti-vibration, press brake pads, stripper plates, business machine belts and cutting boards.

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