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Portable data storage updates

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COMBINED with the local release of new 4.1 software for the CMS Peripherals’ automatic backup systems, Elantra has announced several updates to the portable and desktop solutions available from CMS.

Development paths for CMS provide support for XP, and focus heavily on the increased demand for information security and knowledge management demanded from the global market since September 11.

Design focus for the developers at CMS was on hands-free operation, increased speed and reduced size to pocket-level portability for the ABSPlus notebook version.

The new offerings include Enhanced Disaster Recovery, user defined backup sets and a scheduler, guaranteeing the process of backing up valuable information to the ABS unit is never forgotten.

The 4.1 software update provides ABSplus, USB ABS and Desktop ABS users with support for Microsoft's latest XP release, and some extra features, such as backup sets of specific file folders at specific times, and scheduling unattended backups using the ABS' advanced configuration options.

COMDEX in Las Vegas saw CMS unveil support for the new USB2.0 Intel standard across the entire line of notebook and desktop automatic backup systems, as well as inclusion of Fire Wire support.

Recently released by Intel, USB 2.0 is the next generation of USB offering increasing functionality and allowing more devices to share the increased bandwidth.

USB 1.1 provided users with only 12Mb/s (megabits per second) data transfer, considerably slower than Firewire's 400Mb/s. With the release of USB 2.0, users can take full advantage of up to 480Mb/s data transfer rates while providing backward compatibility to first generation USB devices.

Removable notebook hard drives provide additional storage capacity for systems supporting the Ultra Bay for IBM, the Select Bay for Toshiba, or the Multi Bay for Compaq.

Elantra has also announced the availability of new PCI cards, providing the desktop with two USB 2.0 ports, thus enabling users to access USB 2.0 compatible peripherals on their systems.

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