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One command restores a notebook

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EXPANDING the data recovery support for mobile users, Elantra has announced the addition of the ABSplus Rescue Disk, giving Automatic Backup System Plus (ABSplus) users single command restoration of their corrupted system files and/or their complete hard drive.

The ABSplus Rescue Disk offers users two command choices: 'restore' and 'image'. The 'restore' command copies the Windows directory from the ABSplus to the notebook's hard drive, while 'image' takes the entire drive image from the ABSplus and copies it to the internal hard drive on the notebook for instant recovery.

The ABSplus Rescue Disk is designed to mount the ABSplus, mount the notebook drive, and restore the notebook drive from the ABSplus.

If the notebook is using FAT32 or NTFS, the ABSplus Rescue Disk can image the drive on the ABSplus back onto the notebook. When the system is rebooted, Windows is completely reinstalled and all of the saved data and applications is intact.

In addition to the rescue disk, the ABSplus prevents user downtime due to a notebook failure with instant Disaster Recovery (DR) software and a removable hard drive.

The DR software makes the ABS hard drive bootable, enabling users to replace their failed notebook drive with the drive inside the ABS. Simply power up the notebook, and the user has complete access to all backed up data, files, contact information and applications with minimal downtime.

Additional modes of recovery include drag and drop using Windows Explorer as well as CMS' Backup and Compare to restore missing files.

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