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TIER-3 distributor Elantra has the Tier-3 Blocker, a small module that may protect any server running Microsoft web server IIS technology from being attacked and infected by a Unicode type virus.

In swift response to the danger posed by recent virus threats, the Tier-3 Blocker is available as a free download.

The module installs alongside the Microsoft IIS web server and inspects all inbound requests to the web server to determine any level of suspicion.

The software will not act as a proxy for inbound connections, thus the performance impact of running the module is minimal.

The module drops requests matching a series of AI rules. This differentiates the Tier-3 Blocker from other products as it identifies the hack as opposed to merely discarding specific URL strings.

Even if the web server under attack is completely un-patched, the attack will not be successful. Once the module has dropped a request the details will be written to a log file for further analysis.

The use of AI rules within the module ensures the Tier-3 solution is not reliant on attack signatures; this is a primary vulnerability in traditional virus scanners and intrusion detection software.

The Tier-3 Blocker module will help protect against the current set of tools used by hackers as well as new and different mutations in the future.

Tests conducted for several major companies including major telecommunications and travel brands exhibited the effectiveness of the Tier-3 Blocker in locking out the W32.Nimda code from infecting the IIS servers of both organisations.

The Tier-3 Blocker is an example of locally developed innovative technology. Tier-3 has developed information security solutions that answer the need for intelligent solutions to intrusion detection, security management and other critical commercial events.

The Tier-3 Huntsman products eliminate the need for signature updates, providing the highest level of protection, and a minimum amount of setup and management.

Elantra’s Tony Liddy noted the importance of risk minimisation and business assurance for electronic applications in the current economic climate.

“Signature-based products present a higher risk overall, as the window between the release of a new attack and the availability of a counter measure for installation can be wide enough to cause more damage than is necessary to endure.

“The Tier-3 Blocker does not require constant reconfiguration and patching; this alone provides for a solution that is less time consuming and easier to manage as part of an overall security system."

The blocking module is available free by registering at www.elantra.com.au or via www.tier-3.com. The Tier-3 Huntsman AI intrusion detection product is also available immediately through Elantra.

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