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Speciality tank fittings and rupture panels from Ekotech

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Ekotech  is a company which engages itself in offering Pressure Vapour Control Equipment, Relief Devices, Level Measurement and Safety Equipment. Ekotech offers rupture pins, rupture panels, liquid level gauges, buckling pins, sight glasses, sight showers and speciality tank fitting.

The speciality tank fittings offered by Ekotech include Automatic Tank Gauge, Internal Safety Valve, Railroad Tank Car unloading & loading Dome Covers, Air Dryer, Water Drain Valve and Flash Arrester Fill Unit.

Ekotech offers rupture panels in square, rectangular and round configuration with alarm sensors. Ekotech also offers rupture pins which helps in relieving the system pressure or shutdown in an emergency condition. These rupture pins are not subjected to premature fatigue failures and requires a low operating and maintenances costs.

Ekotech offers the Buckling Pin Valve which is one of the most dependable and accurate valves used in case of emergency shutdown for flow diversion and isolation. These pins are engineered to buckle from an axial force applied by the pressure of the system which is acting on an unbalanced piston area.

Ekotech offers low pressure, high pressure and medium pressure sight flow indicators with single and double window.

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