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Competitive Manufacturing Training from Efficiency Works

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Efficiency Works presents the Competitive Manufacturing Training, an on the job training program structured around Lean Manufacturing concepts. The coaching is delivered at the workplace and focuses the learning through real projects that occur in the business, as well as opportunities for staff to realise their full potential.

The Competitive Manufacturing Training will help create improved leadership skills, improved understanding of continuous improvement techniques and better skills in facilitating continuous improvements in the workplace. The program will provide the business with actual bottom line improvements to business processes and procedures as well as a more engaging community amongst staff.

Features of the Competitive Manufacturing Training:

Course Topics
Each program is tailored to suit each business’ needs with a strong focus on:

  • Change Management
  • Lean Manufacturing Systems
  • Tools to support lean manufacturing
Several qualifications are available under this program, and include:
  • Certificate III in Competitive Manufacturing MSA31108
  • Certificate IV in Competitive Manufacturing MSA41108
Competitive Manufacturing Training programs are nationally accredited and competency based. Candidate assessments are based on the workplace improvement projects. Federal funding is available for this program, which can make the training cost neutral for the business.

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