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Solid Edge version 19 released

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EDGE Software Australia has released version 19 of Solid Edge, which delivers hundreds of enhancements on its predecessor and builds on its position as a cost-effective solution for 2D and 3D design and collaboration.

Solid Edge is also a core component of the Velocity Series portfolio - a technology being promoted as the future product lifecycle management platform for SMEs in the Asia Pacific.

Edge Software MD Barry Bevis said UGS understood the rapid changes taking place in today's global manufacturing market.

"It is now common for small and mid-size companies to play a vital role in highly competitive supply chains,” he said.

“We realise collaboration is critical to successful product design, and with Solid Edge Version 19, OEMs and suppliers can seamlessly work together to improve and manage collaboration across design teams, regardless of location."

Customer-driven enhancements

Solid Edge Version 19 includes a variety of enhanced capabilities for creating, sharing and managing design information.

UGS has added hundreds of customer-requested enhancements that complement new tools for motion simulation, assembly and disassembly videos, 3D design annotation, as well as visual collaboration tools that leverage the open JT data format.

With Version 19, Solid Edge customers will realize the following features and their associated benefits:

* Full motion simulation - Version 19 offers capabilities to quickly and easily define relationships between different motion drivers, such as gears, pulleys, hydraulic cylinders, and motors. Users can provide suppliers and customers with accurate motion studies that demonstrate the visual appearance of a product as well as how it functions in real time.

* Animated and dynamic documentation - Enhanced tools for capturing, modifying and animating how parts are assembled and disassembled enable users to generate high-quality videos for clearer manufacturing instructions, technical manuals and training materials.

* JT file sharing - Solid Edge takes advantage of the JT standard file format for sharing parts and assemblies, enabling anyone in the supply chain to exchange intelligent 3D data regardless of the CAD system used to create the file.

* Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) - Version 19 delivers the functionality needed to produce 3D-annotated designs in compliance with world standards such as ASME Y14.41. Solid Edge models now serve as single digital representations capturing all product information - reducing or eliminating the need for drawings in design reviews or manufacturing.

* New suite of manufacturing solutions - Tightly integrated with UGS' new NX CAM Express software (announced today in a separate press release), Solid Edge now offers a full range of scalable manufacturing solutions that coordinate product design, tool design and NC programming so that these processes occur in parallel - significantly reducing production time.

* Improved Sheet Metal design - New features, such as corner stiffeners, cross breaks and hems, combined with continued enhancements to industry-leading workflows, enable users to extend their competitive advantage from product design through manufacturing.

* Enhanced workflow for AutoCAD data - Users moving from 2D AutoCAD to Solid Edge enjoy a smoother workflow and familiar look and feel to their drawings - shortening the learning curve, while ensuring consistency and data integrity.

* New 64-bit version - Solid Edge users create assemblies in excess of 100,000 parts, and the new 64-bit edition, introduced with Version 19, expedites the creation of massive assemblies and their associated drawings.

With these capabilities, organizations can implement a cost-effective collaborative design solution throughout their entire value chain - while enjoying the advantage of single-source support from a PLM industry leader.

Additionally, Solid Edge Version 19 further raises the bar on performance-enhancing tools for designers of mechanical machinery, electro-mechanical equipment, consumer products, jigs, fixtures and moulds.

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