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Solid Edge version 17 launched

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UGS, represented by Edge Software , has launched version 17 of Solid Edge software, its value-based 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system for the mainstream product lifecycle management (PLM) market.

UGS chairman Tony Affuso said Solid Edge was the cornerstone of UGS' mid-market strategy.

“The software has consistently performed well over the last couple of years and is positioned for significant expansion in this market," he said.

"Solid Edge is focused on helping evolve 2D users to 3D to effectively address the constant increase in design complexity of new products."

Design with Insight and Evolve to 3D

Constant increase in product complexity has prompted designers in all manufacturing industries to adopt 3D technology.

Solid Edge's unique four step Evolve to 3D approach addresses this need by helping customers migrate to 3D in a smooth, efficient, non-disruptive manner; thus allowing customers to get their job done today while learning 3D as they go, mixing and matching techniques in a highly productive hybrid 2D/3D environment.

Solid Edge Version 17 continues to deliver on its Design with Insight vision and help customers to Evolve to 3D, by delivering many new capabilities to optimise the design of complex products in a hybrid 2D/3D environment; all under the control of the built-in insight for design management.

Hybrid 2D/3D design

Version 16 enhanced Solid Edge's capability for hybrid 2D/3D design by introducing the unique "Zero D" capability that allows the definition of product structure before any geometry is committed to paper.

In Version 17 this capability is enhanced to include new workflows that allow customers to convert existing 3D parts into 2D profiles for efficient 2D design layout, thus allowing streamlined incorporation of existing parts into the hybrid 2D/3D workflow.

Direct Editing

Solid Edge Version 17 takes a leap forward in the mainstream CAD market by becoming the only major player to offer direct editing of models without the need to edit the history tree. Direct Editing allows the editing of native complex parametric models "after the fact" without the need to retrace steps in the history tree.

Direct Editing also allows the editing of imported 3D geometry from any source, without the need to import features and parameters. With Direct Editing, Solid Edge offers leadership in interoperability with NX(tm) software and in helping customers to either co-exist with, or migrate from, competitive systems such as Pro/ENGINEER, Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks.

Large Assemblies

Resources are becoming more valuable as designs get bigger and more complex. Solid Edge's new massive assembly support capability allows engineers to work on large volumes of data to help customers to create complete digital mock-ups of even the largest assemblies.

Solid Edge Version 17 adds a new simplified assembly capability that uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically determine which external faces need to be displayed to give an accurate representation of the assembly, while a new "structure only" navigation capability allows every engineer to have the top level assembly file as their main point of entry and specifically choose when they want to select the detail of a part or entire sub-assembly.

In addition to these new features, Solid Edge continues to push the envelope in many other areas. Also delivered with Version 17 are:

* UGS XpresReview software, a new easy to use email driven solution for design review to complement the existing fully managed collaboration workflow capability of Insight and Insight Connect.

* Improved ease of adoption through the introduction of Apprentice Mode and Feature Error Assistant. Feature Error Assistant helps users to troubleshoot failures and warnings with meaningful descriptions and appropriate corrective action. Apprentice Mode is a new capability that helps new users to more easily navigate the systems.

* Solid Edge already provides translation tools for Pro/ENGINEER, Mechanical Desktop, and AutoCAD, as well as neutral files like IGES, STEP and DXF.

Solid Edge Version 17 adds to this array by introducing a new CATIA V4 Translator, a new batch Inventor migration tool, and a third party ME10 translator from Voyager Partner PROCIM.

The Solution

Solid Edge (www.solidedge.com) from UGS is powerful 3D CAD software that allows manufacturing companies to Design with Insight and achieve competitive advantage through cost reduction, while increasing top line revenues.

The exclusive Solid Edge Insight technology embeds design management capabilities directly within CAD, providing insight into design intent to the entire organization and enhancing collaboration.

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