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Solid Edge releases Version 15

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EDGE Software has released the Solid Edge Version 15 CAD software that reduces the cost and time to make and communicate design change requests.

It involves more people earlier and throughout the process, including input from various departments and suppliers.

Developed by UGS, V15 has intelligent design capabilities to help customers rapidly create and evaluate large numbers of design alternatives; optimising form, fit and function, while maintaining design intent and manufacturability of complete systems throughout the design process.

It includes Insight support for Sharepoint 2 and Insight Connect with 'view and mark-up'. Edge Insight Technology is the first application of its kind to support Microsoft Sharepoint 2 and SQL Server.

Solid Edge Version 15 provides view and mark-up tools from within Insight Connect, establishing a robust managed environment that makes collaboration easily available to consumers of data throughout the enterprise.

V15 has interactive physical analysis of mechanisms, adjustable assemblies and assembly features that all work together to increase flexibility, preserve design intent and help eliminate even more design errors than did its predecessor, V14.

The new version has enhancements to allow manufacturers still using 2D design systems to easily evolve to 3D design and its inherently higher levels of productivity.

Version 15 expands on Rapid Blue for shape design of consumer products; with even more shape creation and analysis capability, powerful new super features for vents and mounting bosses and new capabilities for mould design to service tooling suppliers for the plastics oriented consumer products industry.

Enhanced capabilities in the areas of sheet metal, motion and standard parts will appeal to the thousands of customers designing machinery and equipment with Solid Edge.

Draft face analysis enables users to graphically analyse a model to ensure that it will be ejected from the mould, while the new parting surfaces command can be used to generate associative mould cores and cavities.

Insight Connect provides revision management, document lifecycle management, and 'where-used' searches. For Version 15, Insight Connect has been enhanced with additional file types available for viewing, and tools such as dynamic sectioning, measurement and mark-up. Teams work together in a virtual environment and ensure that products come together smoothly and right the first time.

A new 'packaged collaboration file' (.PCF) solves the problem of how to share multiple documents in a collaborative environment, while ensuring that users are never working with information that is out of date.

Multiple documents from different sources can be packaged into a single file that contains all the information needed for communication.

Visualisation data, including all required parts, assemblies, drawings and other non-CAD documents relevant for a particular purpose, can be accessed from a pre-defined folder or sent via email to anyone needing to review the information.

The files can be directly viewed using a free viewer, or teams can utilise Insight Connect's new review, measure and mark-up capabilities to add comments.

The PCF file retains original links to CAD documents in the Insight database, and contains all the information required to execute and manage any changes resulting from the collaborative process.

For example, a designer can send a new product for customer review and, upon receiving the PCF file back from the customer, directly find all files affected by the suggested changes, the necessary actions to revise each of those files, and automatically launch the lifecycle assistant to edit the Solid Edge design and continue the revision and approval process.

Version 14 introduced systems libraries, a unique approach that allows users to define, store and re-use cohesive sets of parts, features and constraints as a single functional system.

Version 15 extends these already impressive capabilities with new adjustable assemblies that allow adaptable placement of the same sub-assembly to accommodate varying position and new motion analysis tools that automatically simulate mechanisms under the influence of forces, further reducing the need for physical prototypes.

V15 users experience a decrease in drawing-view update time of up to 90%. Creating multiple views of a model and annotating those views is where the bulk of 2D documentation work is spent.

Users can add shaded views to drawing sheets for use in supporting documents such as technical publications. In a continued effort to give users full control over the layout of 2D drawings, detailed views in V15 can be generated from user-defined envelopes.

Finally, as designs evolve and change, so too must any associated documentation.

Unique Solid Edge tools persistently monitor the 3D model and automatically highlight and tag views and dimensions that are no longer up to date relative to the model, including information on why they are out of date and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

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