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Solid Edge ST4 Design Software from Edge PLM Software

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Leading Australian provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, Edge PLM software introduces the latest version of Solid Edge, the Solid Edge ST4 in Australia.  

The new Solid Edge ST4 enables improved multi-CAD collaboration and faster sheet metal design validation to reduce documentation costs and time needed for design production. Solid Edge ST4 design software provides designers with developments that will considerably advance their designs.  

Helping designers and engineers develop superior products at a faster rate than ever before, Solid Edge ST4 incorporates new functions that include enhancements to synchronous technology to allow the software to facilitate improved product designs, advanced multi-CAD collaboration using the commonly adopted JT data format, instruments to quicken sheet metal design validation and many enhancements to its drafting capability to help reduce documentation expenses.  

Managing Director of Edge PLM Software Australia, Barry Bevis believes it is important for designers to be able to focus on their design tasks without having interference, trouble and hassle from their design software. The designer’s software should enhance the design production, not impair it.  

Solid Edge ST4 allows designers to create their vision in the most timely and cost effective way, enabling them to work in a design environment that best suits their vision and needs. Solid Edge ST4 is one of industry’s most revolutionary modelling systems for innovative design with easy-to-use features.    

The need for companies to collaborate and cooperate with suppliers, partners and customers who use numerous incompatible data forms from various CAD software applications is one of the key focus areas of improvement in Solid Edge ST4.  

For instance, Solid Edge ST4 works with TeamCenter software or TeamCenter Express software, the digital lifecycle management solutions from Siemens PLM Software to fully leverage JT, the widely adopted lightweight 3D data format for accurately, securely and efficiently sharing product information.  

Key features of Solid Edge ST4 design software: 

  • Capability of the new automated ‘live sections’ advanced to be more effortless and efficient in creating and editing revolved parts
  • 3D modelling relationships to facilitate, aid and simplify the offsetting, centring and editing of native or imported geometry
  • 3D assembly relationships robotically position parts in an assembly to circumvent part interference and positive developments to the exploded views capability
  • New strategic parts management system developed with Cadenas GmbH provides a dedicated portal for the configuration of 3D standard and supplier parts in native Solid Edge format
  • First CAD in its category to leverage JT data in assemblies, providing fully associative updates from JT data content
  • Leverages JT to significantly reduce or eliminate data incompatibility to generate a unified, collaborated environment
  • New feature enables parts and assemblies to be easily saved to 3D PDF files for viewing and sharing using Abode Reader software
  • Additional enhancements to drafting capability make product design documentation speedier and simpler
  • Enhancements include table customisation feature, annotation and dimension control, creation of highly customised view captions, automatic view scaling and individual drawing sheets
  • Enhancements in sheet metal capabilities to improve CAE simulation and accelerate design validation even further
  • Sheet metal mid-surface creation now available at the assembly level
  • New capability to unite surface and solid bodies improves finite element mesh reliability across very intricate parts
  • Surfacing tools to create mid-surfaces of general thin parts speed up results and increase solve reliability

Customer Driver Improvement Response

Solid Edge ST4 incorporates several features driven by customer requirements, allowing the design software to deliver and enhance business value by improving the ability of the designer to not only use the product, but also improve their ability to collaborate with their own customers and suppliers.  

Solid Edge ST4 modernises everyday product development duties such as sheet metal design and engineering drafting.  

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