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Solid Edge Software designs and builds realistic 3D solid models and facilitates the creation of the 3D solid parts that will assist engineers understand whether the parts will properly together as an assembly.

To determine if a design will perform as expected,usually the physical assembly is produced and a series of costly lab or field tests are done. This testing usually produces several design changes and the process continues until all production performance criteria are met.  The problem with this is that design validation is done too late in the process.

The Dynamic Designer Software from Edge Software , allows users to understand the true dynamic function of designs inside the Solid Edge environment before production or assembly of  physical hardware. 

Design Validation with Dynamic Designer software also allows users to build, test and refine the function of CAD models and output the same performance information typically gathered physically (e.g. part interference, motor size, cam performance, gear and linkage layout, etc..).

Thanks to the Dynamic Designer Software, it is possible to understand the mechanics of designs before cutting metal or moulding plastic. Design revisions are easier and less costly if motion problems are identified before building and testing physical assemblies.

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