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Computer testing ensures valve safety

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article image The valves are vital in preventing gas plant accidents.

OASIS Engineering has used Solid Edge software and Finite Element Analysis to ensure the integrity of its valves. The valves are vital in preventing gas plant accidents. After designing valves using the 3D Solid Edge software from Edge Software , Matrix Applied Computing moved in with product analysis to determine at which point it was weakest, and where it was most likely to break.

FEA is a computer-based method of analysing the behaviour of components and structures under a variety of conditions. The technique is based on the premise that an approximate solution can be reached by dividing the structure/component into smaller, more manageable (finite) elements.

The Finite Element Model (FEM) is analysed with far greater inherent precision than hand analysis enables. This is because the actual shape, load, constraints and material properties can be specified with much greater accuracy, and powerful computers can perform the calculations.

The FEA was performed in a week and determined the structurally weakest point of the valve, and Oasis then changed their method of manufacture and designs to produce a 50% more robust part.

Solid Edge has intelligent design capabilities to help users rapidly create and evaluate large numbers of design alternatives. Users can optimise form, fit and function, while maintaining design intent and manufacturability of complete systems throughout the design process.

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