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article image Femap thermal image attainable with Solid Edge V18.

FEMAP Express software, a powerful analysis tool in the digital simulation toolbox, is now included in all new and existing licenses of Solid Edge software, a value-based 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system available from Edge Software .

Market pressures to reduce design cycle time, increase speed-to-market and improve quality are driving the growth of digital simulation throughout the product lifecycle.

Digital simulation based on 3D models is quickly becoming a standard expectation in the design process.

Femap Express, the new built-in CAE capability in Solid Edge V18, will be a great benefit because the designers will be able to analyse the stress of parts and materials very easily.

Moving analysis earlier in the design cycle

Femap Express allows design engineers to perform fast, accurate analysis while keeping costs low. By moving analysis earlier in the design cycle, Solid Edge users can ensure designs are strong and will function as intended so that costly recalls are avoided.

Unlike other mid-market CAD tools, Solid Edge Femap Express allows users to conduct analysis within the context of an assembly and, more importantly, use the surrounding assembly model as reference for that analysis.

Key functional advantages include:

* In-context part analysis: Analyse parts independently or in the context of an assembly where surrounding parts can determine where a force vector or holding constraint should be applied.

* Best practice analysis: Track an easy-to-follow FEA workflow, leveraging preconfigured, best practices.

* Static and modal analysis: Leverage both static analysis for stress, safety factor and deflection and modal for natural frequencies. The ability to predict the four major natural frequencies (modal) of a given component makes Femap Express the practical integrated solution for design engineers to solve real problems early in the design.

* Sheet metal mid-surface: Use 2D plate elements to analyse an automatically-extracted sheet metal mid-surface, delivering fast and accurate results.

* Nastran-based solver: Draw on the proven and recognized NX(tm) Nastran software solver for results.

* Simplified model analysis: Ignore design details that are not important to the analysis to return quicker results.

* Automatic reports: Produce quick and easy html reports that include detailed information on part and material properties, constraints, as well as modal or static analyses results.

* Femap 9.1 integration: For more detailed and advanced analysis, Solid Edge models can be associatively passed to a full Femap license.

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