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Permanent closed pipe flow meter

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ECOTECH has announced the release of the American Sigma ac-powered 8300 closed pipe flow meter.

The Model 8300 is designed for on-site applications in wastewater treatment, sludge, and slurry processes and any industrial process or aerated stream in which liquids present adequate suspended solids, particles or bubbles to be detected by Doppler methodology.

The 8300 is a clamp-on style flow meter that is non-intrusive to the flow inside the pipe. It uses a dual head transducer assembly which clamps onto the outside of the pipe. This means that a customer can install the 8300 flow meter without interrupting the flow.

The 8300 has 'grease free' transducer gel pads, eliminating the need to manually apply a contact grease to ensure performance.

These permanent gel pads serve to reduce operator handling and maintenance. Worn pads are easily replaced, extending the working life of the system.

The 8300 can be programmed using its integral keypad and display. Onboard data logging for 174,000 readings is also included. Logging rate is 10 seconds to three hours.

The 8300 is designed to measure flow for process control, particularly by monitoring pump station operation, bio-solids handling (RAS, WAS, thickened sludge) and to measure flow of liquid-based slurry and other industrial process streams.

It is suited for flow measurement in metal or plastic pipes.

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