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ECOTECH has announced the Opsis LD500 laser diode gas analyser. The LD500 is an open path monitoring system which can be used in either emissions monitoring applications or ambient air quality monitoring applications.

The one analyser can be used to measure up to eight separate locations using multiple emitter/receiver units.

The LD500 projects a laser from an emitter through the monitoring path to a receiver which may be located from one metre to 500 metres away.

The light is then transferred to the LD500 analyser via a fibre optic cable for analysis using the Differential Optical Absorption Spectrophotometry technique.

Once the data has been automatically analysed it is then stored and can be viewed or retrieved for further evaluation.

Each LD500 analyser can house up to four laser diode modules. Each head is a complete laser control and data sampling system. A built-in PC with LCD display controls the function of the instrument.

Up to four of the following laser modules may be incorporated into the analyser:

* LH 511 for HF/H2O.

* LH 512 for HCl/H2O.

* LH 513 for NH3/H2O.

* LH 514 for CO/CO2/H2S.

* LH 515 for O2 and temperature.

* LH 516 for CH4/H2O.

The LD500 laser diode analyser can be used in various configurations.

The basic system consists of one laser module monitoring over one monitoring path. In addition, additional laser modules can be mounted in the analyser and/or a multiplexer can be integrated in the system.

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