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Integrating nephelometer (visibility monitor)

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ECOTECH has announced the release of a number of new versions of its integrating nephelometer. This single wavelength nephelometer is now available in a green 525nm, red 630nm and blue 470nm wavelength versions.

Measuring visibility at different wavelengths is important in obtaining a more accurate picture of what is occuring in the environment.

The Ecotech nephelometer measures the light scattering coefficient due to particles (sp) using the geometry of a standard integrating nephelometer.

Sp may be used as a measure of particulate pollution, the higher the value of sp the higher the concentration of particles. It may also be used as a measure of atmospheric visibility, the higher the value of sp the lower the visibility.

The light source used in the Ecotech nephelometer is an ultra long life and stable light emitting diode (LED) instead of the standard style flash lamp, which were prone to failure.

It is these LEDs and photomultiplier tube which are changed in order to measure at 525nm, 630 or 470nm. Ecotech is also in the process of designing a dual wavelength version that will use any two of these measurement wavelengths.

The instrument's electronics are microprocessor based, providing flexible menu driven programming of the instrument operation using the panel display and keypad or a serial port.

The instrument features internal data logging and up to 49 days of five minute averages can be stored and retrieved at any time using a PC.

The measurements made are automatically compensated for pressure, relative humidity and temperature changes and the reference temperature is selectable.

Fully automatic calibrations can be performed at the touch of a button, all the operator needs to do is to choose the calibration gas being used (from a list) and initiate the start of the calibration. The nephelometer will then set its gain to the correct value.

Fully automatic zero calibrations can be configured to occur on a regular basis.

The nephelometer comes standard with internal sample pump, heated inlet temperature controller and zero calibration filter.

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