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article image The Ecotech Series 3000 sampler.

ECOTECH has released the new Series 3000 high volume air sampler which provides a flexible sampling platform for PM10, PM2.5 or TSP particulate sampling.

The Series 3000 sampler is microprocessor controlled and features internal data storage. It incorporates ambient temperature and pressure sensors which are used to automatically maintain a constant volumetric flow through a 20 x 25cm filter.

The Series 3000 features true volumetric flow control. This is critical for maintaining accurate particulate matter cut points when sampling through PM10 or PM2.5 size selective inlets.

On board temperature and pressure sensors are used to control a variable frequency flow controller ensuring a constant volumetric flow rate regardless of filter loading and ambient conditions.

The sampler's integral data logger stores data that includes filter and time based information including total volume sampled, start and end times/dates, average wind speed and direction.

Time-based records are stored at user selectable intervals and include time and date, average temperature, pressure, wind speed, velocity and direction information.

Values stored in the sampler may be downloaded through the RS232 port using a notebook computer or modem.

The Series 3000 provides for simple user programming of sampling periods, including multiple daily, weekly, six-day or 1-in-X days sampling sequences.

Calibrations can also be quickly and easily performed using the display, keypad and the optional calibration kit.

The Series 3000 offers extremely quiet operation making it suitable for use in residential areas. Powered by a standard 10 amp power source, installation is quick and easy.

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