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Ecotech introduces GasCal 1100 Gas Dilution Calibration System

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Ecotech has introduced GasCal 1100 Gas Dilution Calibration System. The GasCal 1100 is designed using a technology to precisely control the dilution of gas standards for calibration of ambient air and source emission monitoring analysers. The calibrator may be connected with up to four external gas cylinders for precise dilution of these gas standards with dilution air, in order to generate a wide range of user configurable gas concentration sequences.
The GasCal is suitable for stand alone use or incorporation into ambient air or emission monitoring systems. The GasCal is designed to provide a simple means to perform precise gas dilution calibrations, ozone analyser precision checks and gas phase titrations. The Gas Phase Titrations and Ozone Analyser Precision Checks are performed using the GasCal’s stable internal ozone generator (optional extra). The ozone generator produces a continuous flow of ozone using the photochemical reaction of oxygen with ultraviolet light, with a wavelength of 185 nm. The ultraviolet lamp used to stimulate this reaction is maintained at 50 deg C by a proportional temperature controller, and the ozone flow rate of 100 sccm is kept stable using a precision mass flow controller. The span gas and diluent flow rates are fully adjustable and precisely controlled with a flow repeatability of +/- 0.15% using mass flow controllers.
The GasCal may be configured either directly through its front panel keypad and display, or via its RS232 port using a computer. This enables up to twenty calibration sequences to be configured that may then be automatically initiated through the use of status inputs, or its RS232 port from a data acquisition system, analyser or computer.

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