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Ecotech introduces Aurora series of nephelometers

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Ecotech  has released the Aurora series, a new range of highly accurate, cost effective and user friendly integrating nephelometers.

Comprising a choice of either single wavelength or a 3 wavelength instrument, the Aurora family delivers increased accuracy in studying particulates and their source of origin, making the Aurora a suitable choice of instrument for visibility predictions, research into global warming or the study of environmental pollutants and their impact on human health.


  • Compact and portable
  • Long lasting LED Light source, (covered by a US Patent (Pending) which provides higher reliability and stability in measuring local atmospheric visibility
  • Half hour automatic calibration and easy set up
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

There is an Aurora that will best suit your needs. Each wavelength responds specifically to a size and therefore to a group of pollutants.

Aurora 1000

The Aurora 1000 would be suitable when feedback is required only on a particular type of particle for example someone studying small particles from industry, traffic or inner city pollution would require the blue wavelength, while someone purely interested in visibility studies would use the green wavelength.

Aurora 3000

The Aurora 3000 would be the instrument of choice where there are a number of contributors to air pollution.

The 3 wavelengths respond simultaneously to different particulates in the ambient sample enabling the Aurora 3000 to provide further insight into the nature and chemical composition of particulate matter by source groups.

For example the blue wavelength will react strongly to fine and ultrafine particles (e.g. woodfire, automobile), green wavelength will react strongest to visible pollution (smog) and red wavelength will react strongest to large particulate matter (e.g. pollen or marine influence.

The Aurora 3000 also has wide applications for use in climate change studies making it a well suited instrument for research organisations as the data collected can be used as input into climate change modelling.

The Aurora 1000 is available for order worldwide from September 2007 and the Aurora 3000 will be available from mid September 2007.

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