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Ecotech engineer wins Metrology Society of Australia Award 2011

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article image Don Zhao, engineer of Ecotech, has received the Metrology Society of Australia Award 2011.

Don Zhao, an engineer of Ecotech , has received the Metrology Society of Australia Award 2011, during the ninth biennial MSA conference dinner.

Don Zhao is a calibration engineer at Ecotech’s Melbourne Head Office. Zhao had led a successful team in relocating the CSIRO wind tunnel to Ecotech and re-established the NATA-accredited service into the industry. Other than its relocation, Zhao had also spent his time studying and researching the wind tunnel in order to help improve its performance.

“I appreciate the opportunity to have worked on the Ecotech Wind Tunnel project and enjoyed working with all my peers,” says Zhao.

“I’m looking forward to continuing and enhancing measurement support for the wind energy and monitoring sector."

The Ecotech engineer had conducted experimental study on wind tunnel blockage correction and solved the sonic anemometer intermittent output issues.

Currently, Zhao is researching on upgrading the wind tunnel facilities and test methods to help fulfil wind energy requirements, which would then help serve more industries.

The MSA biennial Award recognises the achievements and excellence within the Australian metrology and the outstanding contributions that metrologists provide to the community.

Nominated candidates must have their work substantially produced in Australia or has gained scientific or industry recognition that has contributed to the Australian economy within the past five years. The categories the nominated work must fall into include basic research, development, application or industry.

Previous to his current role, Don Zhao was a research and calibration engineer of the Primary Metrology Centre, China Aerospace Group, and has delivered a number of influential national primary metrology instrument research and development projects.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering from NWN University of China and a Master of Engineering Management from the University of Melbourne.

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